Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How to Get a FREE iPhone 3Gs / iPod Touch Tutorial

Hi and welcome to our tutorial. Here you will learn how to get your iPhone 3Gs or iPod Touch 3G for FREE! What's that… free you say? How is that possible?
The company is Transcendent Innovations Inc or for short an internet marketing company that's been in business since 2005 and still going strong. They are completely legitimate. They've been giving away millions of dollars worth of free stuffs like the latest Cameras, Nintendo Wii, PS3 Slim, Netbooks, HDTVs to name a few.
But where's the PROOF? The proofs are endless. Just Google search the company and you'll find multitudes of people getting their free stuffs posting pictures, videos and blogs on the net. This company is rated "A" as legitimate by forums such as,, and who's frequently visited by well experienced users of Trainn sites sharing howto's and tips.

Where's my proof you ask?

Well, here's my YouTube video of the unboxing of my FREE iPod Touch 32g (received November 30, 2009):

And my iPone 3Gs 16g (received December 24, 2009):

Oh, and my cash gift paid by Trainn via PayPal. This is crazy... they also give away cash (see image below):

Still not convinced and you need more proof? Just send me a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

So how does this business work? Ok, here's how they do it.

In exchange for users registering with an advertiser (, Zizzazz Energy Drink,, Video Professor and a lot more) also referred to as "completing an offer", Trainn is compensated for sending advertisers new customers. Trainn then offer you the free gift from a portion of their compensation as a THANK YOU for using their site. Oh, and they even included sign-up to their websites for FREE!

Examples of advertisers' offers include a variety of free trial offers, advertised products for purchase, credit cards, and subscriptions to membership services. The costs vary by offer. Some are absolutely free and can be discontinued without any further obligation while others may require a small purchase. These companies are 100% legitimate and will not scam you. Note: Please review all advertiser terms thoroughly before registering.

Ok, enough with the delay let's proceed with the tutorial.

7 Steps to getting your Free Gift

Step1: Click on this link

Step2: Select your free gift from the choices (you can change your selection anytime once you completed the registration). Type in your email address in the text box provided, put a check on "I understand how this program works and agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions" then click "Sign me up".

Step3: Fill in your first and last name then your mailing address (this is where they will ship your free gift). Type your email address (they will send you a confirmation email when your account is created). Type in a password for your account and place a check on the first check box then click "Continue".

Don't worry; your information is safe with them. See their Privacy Policy for details.

Step4: Select "Referral Account" this is the easiest and fastest way to earn your free gift then click "Continue".

Wait for a few seconds while they process your account.

Step5: Click the "Offers" tab if you are not redirected to this page.

Step6: Choose any offer that interest you. But for the purpose of this tutorial we will select Blockbuster (Level A $5 to $10 one month trial offer) by clicking the "Complete" button. Note: to complete the sites requirement you need 1 Level A or 50points total Level B offer. Remember to follow the requirements indicated in the offer to earn credits.

A new window will open.

Step7: review the following information before continuing then click "Continue with this offer".

This will redirect you to the Blockbuster website.

Choose 1dvd or 3dvd at 50% off and fill out the sign-up page and payment information using regular credit card or MasterCard/Visa debit card that you can purchase at any CVS, Walgreens or Wal-Mart. Once you submit your information wait for a few seconds while they process your account.

Save the email confirmation from the advertiser for reference purposes. Choose and add a DVD to your queue and it's on its way after 2-3 business days. Blockbuster will then report to Trainn that you have completed an offer. Your progress page will show a GREEN "Yes" and your progress bar will indicate a BLUE percentage bar which means you did an offer.

This is how your account will look like after you complete an offer. Note: the URL under "Your Referral Link" you need to send this link to your friends, family, co-workers, Facebook, Friendster, MySpace, Twitter, etc. so they can sign-up under you as your referral. Your referrals need to do the same process that you did (7 steps).

Once you complete the number of referrals required (16gb iPhone 3Gs - 8 referrals, 8gb iPod Touch - 5 referrals, 16gb iPod Nano - 4 referrals as shown below) you can now submit for approval. It takes exactly 4days for them to process your account. They need to verify if everything is valid and all your referrals are legit. After you're approved you can now place your order for your free gift.

From the screen shot below, the number of approved referrals you have will change the color of the order button from GRAY to BLUE which is now active. The order button will take you to the Gift Redemption page of the site.

Fill out the form making sure everything is correct and accurate. Click the submit button.

Your gift is now on queue. They will ship your free gift within a few weeks. If you selected cash, just indicate your PayPal email address and it will be deposited in 2-3days. That's it.

How to check your Trainn account

Step1: Open a new web browser and type

Step2: Click "Existing User Login".

Step3: In the text box provided type in the email address and password you used in step3 then click "Login". You can also check this information in the welcome email sent by Trainn.

Congratulations you're logged-in. You can now see your progress and change or update your account.

Before I go, here's some few tips to take with you:
  • Be patient in getting referrals. I worked on my site for 3 months before getting my gift.
  • Be creative... create a blog, post a video on youtube, distribute posters. Ways are many.
  • Don't scam the site... they will know.
  • Stay away from sites telling you that they hacked the system and you don't need referrals to get free stuffs. They're out there to scam you. Just report them to Trainn if you find one.
  • Read, understand and follow Trainn's Terms and Conditions.

Other Trainn sites that offers Free stuffs

The tutorials above works the same way for these other sites.
Nintendo Wii, Silver/Platinum/Gold Bundle, $250 Cash
Canon S5, Nikon D40, Sony A200W, Canon A650IS, $300 or $480 cash, Olympus SP-570UZ
360 Elite system, $480 Cash, $475 Gift Card, Elite Platinum, 360 Elite (Bronze, Silver,Gold), Call of Duty Bundle
Inspiron Mini 9, MSI Wind, HP Mini 1035NR, Samsung NC10, $300 or $430 Cash, Acer AOA150
$500 Cash, HP Pavilion A6500F, Dell Inspiron, Cybertron Cruiser, Apple Mac Mini, Aspire M1201

And many more to come.

Pls send email to or leave a comment below and I'd gladly answer any questions you might have. Thanks and enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I've signed up to the site. Which do you think is the best and cheapest offers out there?

MrTrainnUser said...

First of all thank you for reading my blog and trying out the sites that I've listed. To answer your question, there are a lot of offers listed and some of them are less that $5-$10 for a 1 month trial period. One of my favorite is the Blockbuster offer which only cost me $4.50 + tax. Their DVD collections are always updated on the new releases. The Zizzazz Energy Drink is another favorite of mine. It's a 14day trial which you will only pay for the shipping of the product. I believe it was less than $4.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Blog. I signed up for and just placed my order! It only took less than 3 weeks to complete everything.

I am now moving on to another one.

MrTrainnUser said...

Congratulations! Enjoy your free stuff :-)

Anonymous said...

Is there an easy way I can get referrals? All my relatives and friends are skeptics. How do I convince them?

MrTrainnUser said...

Well, the first free gift that I got gave me quite a challenge since like you all my friends and family are very skeptic about this. One thing you can do is send them the link to this blog since I've listed proofs of Trainn being legitimate and they can do their own research aswell. another option is to join freebie forums and trade referrals with forum members who makes a living doing freebie sites like trainn. Send me your email and I can give you the specifics to do that if you need assistance. Oh, and you should promote the offer that you did. Tell them how good the product by sharing your experience. Be creative. Like the 50% deal from Blockbuster, this one always gets their interest. All my refs tried that offer and never failed on me. Let me know how it turns out and GOOD LUCK to you :-)

loverofdpacific said...

First of I'd like to thank you for a very informative blog. This answered a lot of my questions during my research. I have actually signed up to get an iPod touch and have 3 green referrals on my account. Thanks to your blog that helped convince them.

I do have some questions that I would appreciate your attention on. Can I have my mother who's living with me be my referral? Can I do multiple sites because I also want to get the nintendo wii?

Thanks in advance and more power!

MrTrainnUser said...

I'm glad that you find the informations here very useful. Hopefully, I can add more valuable infos in the future to help guide freebie hunters in their quest for free stuffs online.

If your mother is using your internet connection to sign-up as your referral then that means you are using the same internet IP address (not the local IPs). This would be a violation of Trainn's Terms and Conditions and will cause your account to be suspended or locked. One family member per household is allowed. To check your IP go to Make sure your referrals have different IPs.

Yes, you can sign-up to multiple sites like the,, etc.

Hope this helps :-)